Hi, I'm Shandra!

I teach people how to shift negative thinking, let go of their past, reconnect to their bodies, align with their soul's purpose, lead with confidence and live a life they love and deserve.

I believe in the power to grow, heal and evolve. Freedom, connection, unbridled happiness, wild success and loving your Self with reckless abandon...they are ALL within your reach.

I'm a hope dealing, progressive life coach specializing in getting people out of mental, physical and emotional pain. You will often hear me say, you are enough and it's never too late to get the life, love and business you desire and deserve!

For over 3 decades I've been a champion of behavior change, personal growth, empowerment and transformation. I've struggled with anxiety and depression almost as long as I've been alive.

As a former domestic violence victim and subsequent PTSD diagnosis, I know a thing or two about how 'patterns of thinking' can get in the way of living a fulfilling life.

After having my own 'awakening' and realizing I didn't even know who I was anymore...I made it my mission to learn as many methods, techniques and philosophies as I could to peel back the layers of protection and false beliefs so I could get clarity on who I was and what I really wanted.

I experienced  how fast shift happens and the positive results that began to overflow into other areas of life, my relationship and my business. I was graced again and again and it still keeps coming.

You can trust me to treat your journey as sacred as my own. May all your wildest dreams come true. 

this girl likes

Coffee...although hypersensitive to caffeine ;)

Playing Video Games...I always find the best gear and treasures. Games love me!

Rocks & Trees...collecting, looking, being their 'vibe', their feel, their gift

Researching & Studying...anything related to being a better human, understanding the Self

Family get togethers...lots of love and laughter for everyone

Playing board games, Pass the Pigs, dice, cornhole, card games...okay, most games!

Singing car Karaoke...playing the instruments while singing off-tune

This is the story about that one time where

A little girl with Dreams, becomes a woman with Vision

And where one conversation can change your life.


Years Experience

"I had so many certifications, I actually lost count"

Back in 2010 when I listed all my training and certifications on my bio, the list was so long it was actually embarrassing. I've always been a passionate learner and always want to know more, understand more. But I've also learned that no certification, education or plaque on the wall will give you results. Having a trusted mentor to guide you and you actually excited and inspired to do the, that will give you results.

Integrative Psychology

Ranging from abnormal psychology, integral somatic psychology, Maslow and Jung...these early teachings sparked a huge exploration into how the mind works. Strategic Intevention, CBT, ACT, Core Transformations.

Neurolinguistic Programming

Delving further into how the mind makes meanings out of our everyday experiences, NLP uses the language of the mind, body and soul to enact change at the deepest levels for lasting success in everything you do. This underpins my entire way of coaching for its accessibility, adaptability and personalization. The very first NLP Course (and hypnotherapy) I took was from Steve G. Jones, wayyyy back in 2006. He later went on to be featured on the TV reality series, Below Deck. I continued taking at least 6 more NLP courses over the years with various focuses. I love to delve into all the different approaches and come to my own way of integrating them. My latest course (and the one that had the greatest impact) taught by Dr Key. He is a phenomenal hypnotherapist and educator from the UK.

Somatic Healing

My training includes Somatopoeia (Albert Wong), Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (Judah Lyons), Somatic Healing Summit (2023),

Emotional Healing

I've learned a suite of methods to heal from emotional blockages and pain. From the Emotion Code, Michael Beckwith,

Spiritual Healing

Masters in Holistic Theology, Certified Meditation Instructor, Masters in Transpersonal Counseling. Studied and/or learned from with Adyashanti, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Alan Watts, Matt Kahn, Regan Hillyar, Vishen Lakhiani, Vasant Lad, Dr. Leon Masters, Cyndi Dale, Deborah King, this is truly the list that could go on forever.

Health Sciences

Associates and Bachelors in Health Science with a focus on massage therapy, energetic principles of healing, neuroimmunology and more.

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