Embodied Coaching

Advanced Teachings. Progressive Techniques. Powerful Results.

What Makes Me Different

Uniquely wild and wonderful, as unique as your fingerprint...this Aquarian dares to take a wide-lens approach and bring crystal clear clarity to your innate potential. Bridging multiple ancient and modern practices, methods and philosophies to propel you forward in health, life, love and business!

Education + Experience

I'll be honest. People don't pay me for my academic background, my triple certifications as a Master NLP Coach or my experience in teaching and counseling. They don't pay me for my 3 decades of experience. People pay me for results. That's what all my clients have in common. And it all starts with a simple conversation.

Proven Framework

My 6 Phase Framework is the foundation for my coaching as it moves the client through a specific sequence of steps based on powerful themes for growth and self discovery. I hold my clients sessions as sacred events to give them space to heal, learn and grow from within.

Extraordinary Results

It can seem unfathomable to have these tiny epiphanies that drastically and positively change the trajectory of someone's life. But it happens. While it can seem like a miracle, it is the embodiment of the teachings and profound shifts that happen for clients that create extraordinary results. You can have it too!

Start at your core

Fast transformational techniques in a tailored experience, meticulously designed to help you identify problems and blockages that get in the way of you moving forward in life, love and business.

Your gentle wake-up call

Single embodied coaching session to tune into your mind, body and soul's yearning and aching for more. If you are feeling numbed out, withdrawn or down, then let's elevate your life without putting it on hold.

The key to unshakeable courage

This program holds the blueprint for feeling grounded with confidence. By utilizing a proven framework for profound results and lasting success, you'll strengthen resilience through embodied practices designed to give you a safe space wherever and whenever you need it.

A deeper dive

A coming home program to remind you of who you really are and what you're meant to do and be. Get crystal clear clarity on your life's plan, discover your alignment values, shatter your limiting beliefs all while enhancing your self-image.

Your sacred unfolding

Your protective layers are gently pulled back to reveal and revel in the journey you've taken to be here now. Bloom from the deepest highest Self with me.

Embodied healing starts here

A bespoke 1:1 coaching addition to my Liberated Healing Companion course. Each module you'll get expert guidance on how to fully move through your healing, where to put your focus on custom accountability to ensure success.

Client Love Letters


Embodied healing

"I am so grateful for how you taught me how to be in touch with my body and it's messages, as well as freeing myself from my abusive past. I feel like I am powerful and that nothing can stop me anymore. I owe it all to you, Shandra. Thank you!"

~Anonymous medical professional


Trauma recovery

"Shandra is an amazing coach overall. She has the background, research and and toolkit (actual and intellectual) that only years of a life dedicated to healing can bring. Shandra has a safe energy that can calm and help guide towards a path of authentic healing."

~Tara H


Relationship rescue

"Shandra Artura's coaching delivered amazing results for me. I'm not the same person. Everyone can see it. I love that I'm in control of my life. The transformation in my life has been amazing. It has helped me in my relationships so much. I highly recommend her."

~Maryanne D

More loving and amazing results!


Trauma relief

Within that week my flashbacks started to fade. I waited 4 months to post this review because I wanted to make sure it "worked" before recommending it, but I'm so grateful to say that it did! Thank you Shandra!

~Ruth Bleakley (Graphic Designer)


Mind-body-biz makeover

Shandra is my life coach for life. She has helped me in many areas; starting my own business, managing some health conditions and working through some past blocks that were getting in the way of my happiness. I'm so thankful to have her.

~Sarah Raj (Owner, Studio 520)

Frequently Asked Questions


What if I run out of time in my program and I still need your services?

You can easily segue into additional sessions (if needed) if you are working on the same goals. Additional sessions are priced at a reduced rate for a short period of time. Otherwise you may opt to float into the next stage of your journey and begin a new program or phase. Phases typically last 4-8 weeks.


I finished your amazing coaching program but want to have you on speed dial, "just in case"!

With my Amplifier retainer program, you'll pay a reduced monthly fee to keep me on speed dial "just in case". Sessions are as-needed, but do not roll-over.

Get started today!

Choose a date on the calendar to speak with me in a no-obligation Discovery Call. Once you're booked, you will receive a short questionnaire so we can make the most of our time together.

You can also download my Coaching Journeys guidebook to get to know me a little better, as it is highly imperative we are a good fit for working together. After all, this is a cocreation process.

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Triple certified Master NLP Life Coach and embodied healing practitioner. Helping you beat your inner baddies so you can get what you want and deserve in life, love and career.



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