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My background
As a video game enthusiast, I was fascinated at how you could literally start out with nothing but the clothes on your back and a crappy wooden spoon as a weapon...and by journeying through the unknown and defeating level bosses, you got stronger, found more loot, leveled up your weapons to beat the next big boss and used magic potions to temporarily transform your character to make it through a particularly tough patch in the game. Life's kinda the same way. 

How it begins

You start out naked and helpless, but slowly and surely your 'character' acquires more armor, your mental weapons get stronger, you learn how to navigate your world emotionally, you may learn some magic potions to get you out of a jam and then you level up... bit by bit.

Why you get stuck
In video games, you’ll face obstacles and challenges and some of you will get stuck on Level 1, too scared and weak to face the 'boss' of you. Some will have no tools or new skills to progress forward. And some of you will be stuck in the corner going round and round in circles, repeating those same old patterns going nowhere and some of you will just smash your way through life obliterating everyone and everything in your path. But by not learning new ways of one will want to be your companion and you'll probably end up alone, in the end.

I saw this same pattern in my coaching clients. They would walk in as one person and after their coaching session... walk out another. 
Sometimes, it was just one sentence or one question asked that literally levelled out all the obstacles that had been in their was life altering to them! I didn't know how I was doing it at first, I was just doing me. But after a similar one-sentence statement my own coach said to me, something shifted. Totally life altering, knees to the floor, skies opened up shifting. I suddenly saw the pattern in me! I used my inner baddies that used to hold me back and found their weakness, then utilized their strength while bending them to my will.

I started formulating a proven framework while using these same video game analogies in my coaching programs. 
They were wildly successful and made a huge shift for my clients' understanding. Because the type of work I do can be quite serious and scary for many...(I mean who looks forward to plunging the depths of their psyche, except inner world explorer weirdos like me?) as I was saying, because this type of work is deep, reality bending and personally revolutionizing, adding a healthy dose of playfulness and fun is extremely balancing and a wonderful way to ease the burdens you carry on your self-development journey.
Shandra Artura's coaching delivered amazing results for me. I'm not the same person. Everyone can see it. I love that I'm in control of my life. The transformation in my life has been amazing.

Maryanne D., Merritt Island, FL

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