Advanced pediatric therapies in Melbourne FL

Helping your baby get out of pain and improve the 3 pillars of happiness: eating, pooping and sleeping


Happy babies = Happy Families

Pain or dysfunction?

Pediatric therapies are excellent post surgery to decrease scar tissue and improve function. For babies with postural imbalance (preference for keeping head or body part on one side) or torticollis. I am experienced in tongue-tie revisions and can attest to treatment even after PT has ended. It can be life changing for both you and baby!

Feeding difficulty?

Eating for sustenance is one of the 3 pillars of good health. Whether latching, staying on, positioning or other issues that are related to muscle imbalance or physical tension, I happily work with you and baby. Through assessing how baby nurses or what positions cause discomfort, we can gently ease the body into a better, relaxed experience for parent and child.

Tummy discomfort?

I believe in encouraging healthy bowel function through gentle tissue release, locating restrictions across the body and allowing a relaxed process for baby and child. When discomfort is present, the body tenses and restricts organ function.

Postural or positional issues?

Muscle imbalance, torsion or womb position can greatly alter the proper development of the body's tissue when left unattended. Enhance baby's quality of life by massage and connective tissue release for restrictions in and around the head, neck, spine, joints and limbs.

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How many sessions will it take?

The beautiful thing about working with babies and children are that they are resilient and adapt fast! After your one hour initial intake and treatment, I will suggest a plan of 3, 6 or 9 sessions to start with. I have Care Packages that save you time and money by pre-booking and pre-paying.

How do I know if my baby or child needs this?

If you're facing challenges with your baby or child in eating, digesting, sleeping or fussiness or your child has had surgery or seems as if they have a preference for sitting, sleeping, eating or moving in on one side, come in for an assessment and treatment. I will be honest and tell you if I don't think your child/baby needs multiple treatments but I will tell you that all babies and children have some sort of imbalance and even if it's just for the information you receive, your baby will be better for it.

What can happen if my baby has some of the above issues but they don't get treatment?

I have seen the adult results...especially with abnormal births, torticollis, latching difficulty, reflux and tongue tie revision...the effects can be problematic to say the least. Chronic neck and shoulder pain. Severe migraines. Restricted range of motion on one side. Overdevelopment of one part of the body. Laxity or dysfunction. Lifelong digestive complaints. Sleeping difficulties. Anxiety/depression (the connective tissue on the back of the neck is actually part of the brain covering!), asthma, etc. The list unfortunately goes on.

Can my baby/child get treated if they don't have any serious issues?

Absolutely! I wish ALL babies everywhere received at least one treatment before they even left the hospital! The positive effects are enormous. Who wouldn't want to eat, sleep and digest better? If you, as the parent can relate....let's get you in, too!

I'm nervous about the cost. Do you have financial assistance?

I have a limited number of scholarships available for medically needy and financially unable to pay for treatments. Please contact me for requirements.

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