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A consciously and sensitively woven holistic, cohesive blend of: positive psychology, mindset reset, NLP techniques, Jungian archetypes, progressive embodiment methods, life visioning, spiritual liberation, emotional freedom techniques, mindfulness & somatic healing methods all designed to return you to your natural state of purposeful potential.

How can I best serve you?

I coach at the 'core' level, (inside out) so this list is just a sample of common client goals

Highly Sensitive, People Pleasers, Healers & Empaths

Exhausted? You've got a hidden superpower! But it's hidden underneath other people's needs and drowning in liquid boundaries. Learn to leverage your strengths, generate unlimited potential all without getting bogged down by other people's needs and energies.

Your protected journey starts here

Self Love & Acceptance

We cut right to the heart of where that limitless potential Self has been hiding all this time and why you've come to be this way. You will find joy in discovering the real you, delight in shattering your limiting beliefs, and build compassion to love all the parts of you again. You will become a better partner, lover and friend to them and to you!

Your pathway to self-love starts here

Success mindset

Success isn't just about making more money. It's the result of the perfect combination of knowledge, + mindset + inspired action. By uncovering your real motives, learning values driven goal planning, and Jedi-mind tricks you can embrace the challenges life inevitably throws at you with confidence and ease.

Your successful journey starts here

High-energy, Perfectionist, Superwoman

You've got lots of energy and you're not afraid to use it...but it's scattered! You frequently experience impending burnout, fatigue, FOMO or end up spinning your wheels going nowhere...and fast! How you plan, balance and approach life isn't normal, now is it? So don't expect this program to give you more to-dos that will never make it to the 'master list'. What you need is clear, concise and executable.

The balanced path to stay supercharged starts now

Past Abuse & Trauma

Wouldn't you like to liberate yourself from your past wounds that somehow seem to never heal? You're so over thinking: Why does this keep happening? What am I doing wrong? How can I get back to who I was? Will anyone ever love me again? These are the deep, dark questions you ask yourself in the cold dark night. Come back to the light! We'll illuminate the path that leads you back home to your inner sanctuary where healing is effortless.

The pathway to liberation starts here

Living On The Edge

You're dangerously on edge. You don't quite know how you got here, where to start (and on what!?), what to do and maybe that's because you're not even sure where you're going! All you know is that you've got a burning in your chest, a wobble in your throat and a niggling feeling at the back of your head that won't go away. Something needs to happen. Like now. Or you think you're going to lose it. Or will you be lost? You really don't know.

Your awakening continues here

My Mission

To create transformative, embodied healing experiences that empower people to break free from their past, embrace their unique strengths, and live with joy, purpose, and authenticity.

My Philosophy

You have all that you need to heal, move and grow...locked inside you. I'll help illuminate your path to get the keys.

My Promise

To foster an environment of trust, authentic connection, mutual respect, and loving acceptance of who you are.

My Guarantee

You are only one shift away from changing your life. And all it takes is a little conversation to get your started!

Your dream life is waiting...

My Journal

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Your Personal Casper

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Conscious Communication

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Triple certified Master NLP Life Coach and embodied healing practitioner. Helping you beat your inner baddies so you can get what you want and deserve in life, love and career.



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