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Giving you hope, knowledge and a structured plan to get out of pain; mentally, emotionally and physically


A different Kind of Coach & Healer

A conscious co-creation

A rich and cohesive blend of sensitively woven, holistic therapies, programs and treatments with your highest Self at its heart and center to lead the way.

Positive psychology

I believe in utilizing your inherent strengths to facilitate deep and lasting change. We transform your challenges into opportunities for growth and healing.

Progressive embodiment

I believe in leveraging the whole mind-body-spirit complex to induce the flow of natural healing, rightful intention and effortless change. You will re-member all parts of your highest Self for freedom and liberation!

Shift sessions

Powerful NLP techniques, life visioning,

emotional freedom techniques, mindfulness, somatic healing methods and breathwork to return you to your natural state of purposeful potential.

My Services

In-person & virtual

Providing embodied coaching and somatic healing worldwide

Somatic Healing

Soma- means the body. This type of healing is not a singular technique but a therapeutic approach that uses the inherent wisdom of the body to facilitate deep and profound healing from emotional, mental and physical pain and discomfort. It seeks to explore and heal on a cellular level. Excellent for trauma recovery.

Craniosacral Therapies

Craniosacral therapies assess, treat and encourage healthy cerebrospinal fluid dynamics, vagus nerve function and balance the parasympathetic nervous system for a healthier response to healing, organ function, mental capacity, emotional balance and body tension.

  • Trauma recovery

  • Pediatric / children / adults

  • Cancer patients

  • Anxiety/depression

  • Post-surgery

  • PTSD

  • End of life / hospice

Embodied Coaching & Healing

Embodied coaching methods are a hybrid of 1:1 coaching/counseling, and bridging energetic, somatic, meditative or mindfulness methods to encourage self-healing, self-knowledge and alignment with who you are and where you want to be and do in life, love or business. This style is based on NLP and cognitive methods that use the way your brain works, what you think and believe to be true and your lifestyle routines to make it personalized and life changing work.

Advanced Teachings

Deep, heart-centered courses to help you rise up and invite opportunities for growth, self-healing, recovery and progress to complement your journey in life, love and business.

CEU Classes

Providing Florida LMT continuing education classes since 2006. Member and instructor for AMTA. Small classes to facilitate learning and enhance techniques.

Focus Areas


Happy Clients' Love Notes

These are just a few of my client 'love notes'. So many women, (and men!) have found a new life, new beginnings, possibilities and an invitation to dive deeper into who they really are meant to be. Would you like to join them?

Embodied Coaching

Anonymous, Medical Professional

"I am so grateful for how you taught me how to be in touch with my body and it's messages, as well as freeing myself from my abusive past. I feel like I am powerful and that nothing can stop me anymore. I owe it all to you, Shandra. Thank you!"

Trauma Recovery

Tara, Bodyworker

"Shandra is an amazing coach overall. She has the background, research and and toolkit (actual and intellectual) that only years of a life dedicated to healing can bring. Shandra has a safe energy that can calm and help guide towards a path of authentic healing."

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