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Expert somatic healing in Melbourne Florida and online
Helping you get out of pain so you can

Know, trust and love your Self again

Specialty Bodywork

The body keeps the score.

Somatic therapies use the body as a vehicle for change, healing, improved health, connection between thoughts and symptoms and teaches emotion regulation. We learn to listen to a different kind of language that only the body speaks.
trust your inner compass

Your mind thinks in symbols, imagery and models

NLP is based on our internal "maps" of the world that we create based on our experiences. Our limiting beliefs can hide the way to living our dreams. Mindshift techniques are a powerful way to align our internal compass to highlight the pathways for Personal Growth and Success.
the first and last thing you'll ever do

Breath is life and every breath heals

Breathwork is the foundation of life. Healthy breathing patterns are affected by stress, emotions and trauma. Breath can also be used as a powerful vehicle for soul work and as a foundation for growth and success! When we harness these techniques we learn to love our selves again and teach our mind how to feel, do and feel safety again.
true integration for mind-body-soul

We are often disconnected or 'dis'embodied

We often live above our neck- in our minds. Embodiment reminds us we are more than just a flesh bag covering our thoughts and emotions.  By shifting our orientation to different touchpoints of health, we learn we can use any entryway to initiate healing; from the body, the heart, the mind, the rituals, the environment, the soul or the felt sense of 'being'....and that's when the magic begins to happen for us and to us!
Advanced therapies for complex conditions

I help people get out of pain

Using a unique blend of non-invasive therapies, I help people get out of pain. The focus of my bodywork is fascial, fluidity and mobility. These techniques include energy healing, craniosacral, fascial release, postural awareness and body balance imbedded in traditional relaxing therapies. The more senses we activate, the deeper and longer lasting your results.

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I love to use my superpowers for


Symptom Management

Trapped emotions
Numbing out
Highly Sensitive Persons
Nervous system regulation
Daily healing rituals


Body-Mind Awareness

Sensory awareness
Symptom reduction
Emotional connections
Being present in the body
Mindful practices

Personal & Professional Development

Conscious Business Practices
Boundaries / Contracts
Conscious Communication
Staff management

Are you ready to create a life, a love, or a business that lights you up? The time is now.

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What my grateful clients say...

Love notes

"I am so grateful for how you taught me how to be in touch with my body and it's messages, as well as freeing myself from my abusive past. I feel like I am powerful and that nothing can stop me anymore. I owe it all to you, Shandra. Thank you!" 
— Anonymous, Medical Professional, (Embodied Energy Healing + Coaching)
"Shandra is an amazing coach overall. She has the background, research and and toolkit (actual and intellectual) that only years of a life dedicated to healing can bring. Shandra has a safe energy that can calm and help guide towards a path of authentic healing."
— Tara D, Bodyworker, (Somatic Trauma Release)
nice to meet you, friend!

Hi, I'm Shandra.
A different kind of coach and healer.

You may have heard about me or my somatic therapies, my creation Embodied Energy Healing, read one of my 7 self-coaching journals, attended a holistic teaching or personal and development course, transformed from life coaching or maybe you just heard about me from a friend. Regardless of how you've come to find me, it was inevitable, really. Because you were meant to be here, right now.  And if you're in need of a gentle reminder...yes, you're totally worth it and deserve to have, love and be everything you desire. Welcome, my friend. I'm happy to embrace you into my world!
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