People don't hire me as their coach...they hire me for their results!

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for the slightly skittish & high energies
You're new to coaching, scared of what it might reveal, or you want me to earn your trust

Anxious & worried?

Tummy troubles, worry loops, over-thinking and over-analyzing.
Getting stuck in repetitive thoughts is an energy waster and drainer.
These are symptoms of a deeper issue-internalizing emotions. 
Learn emotional processing methods to express your Self with ease.

Can't find a way out?

You're constantly searching for the door to success. Find exactly what's stopping you, blocking you and keeping you stuck. (Your patterns become your roadblock!) You need to learn exactly what you need to break through to the other side.

Running out of steam?

You have been burning the candle at both ends or stuck in a cycle of 'doing' for so long that you don't even know how to stop. You're exhausted; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. You need a plan of easeful actions that support your desire to nurture your Self while making time for what matters most....YOU!

Perpetually distracted?

Chasing shiny objects. Buying, downloading, reading all the self-help stuff you can consume...yet nothing's changed. You can't seem to focus on what matters most to change your life, your relationship or your career. You need me to shine a light on your blind spots to help you level up.

For the solopreneur or small biz owner
You're out there living your dream...but you're exhausted. There's. so. much. to. do!

Does money love you?

 Master your Money Mindset so you can learn your money blindspots, pinpoint your money leaks, how your money 'type' keeps you stuck and what you need to do to get out of it so you can be the money master of your household or your business. 

Need An Outsider's Inside Peek?

You're trying to figure out how/if you should niche down, how to position yourself in the market or you really just need eyeballs on what you already have and learn how to make it even better!

Need One Thing to Rule Them All?

You know you've got the secret sauce to rule your industry.... buuuuut you aren't standing out from the crowd. You need a signature service or product that aligns with your business, your goals and your ideal clients that puts your name on top!

Love to Shine But Hate To Polish?

Sure, you shine in your business. But, you avoid doing the daily grunt work of running your business. Frankly, you don't know where or how to start. You need a custom plan of systems for success! Think streamlined processes that run your business on autopilot!

For the people-pleasing perfectionists
You're so over being last on the list and ready to invest your time and energy on what really matters

Tired of faking it?

You just can't. Not anymore. You are sick and tired of doing for everyone else while your own health, wealth and happiness stand just out of reach. You need some simple strategies right now to start putting your Self first.

Feel like giving up?

You're out of touch or maybe out of passion. You feel like roommates, not a couple. You didn't sign up for 'this'. Something's gotta change or you won't make it through this together. You're not even sure if you should.

Numbed out?

You've been through so much hardship, drama or trauma that you've lost touch with who you are, why you're here and what you feel. If you don't get some distance from it all, you might just become an empty shell of who you used to be. 

Imposter syndrome?

You've got a dream and maybe even a plan. You just can't get past that first stage because it's never quite perfect. Maybe you're not good enough. Maybe no one will support you. Maybe you should just start over. Again. 
99 problems and money IS one of them?

Get instant access to my Sacred Money Archetypes Quiz + get a free personalized reading to power up your life & biz!

I'm Shandra. My passion is helping people beat their inner baddies so they can level up in life, love, relationships and their business. I love help driven, soul-centered people like you regain confidence, energy and live a vibrant life.

For the Bold Hearts & courageous minds

Stuck in your healing?

You've read the books. Listened to the podcasts. Watched the YouTubers...but you're still telling the same stories, still attracting the same people and situations...what are you missing? It's you, darling. You.

Relationship drama?

You never thought your relationship would come to this. You swore you wouldn't. Who are you? Think you're brave? Learn daily practices, discover the 'real' issues. Go ahead...I double dog-dare you!

Emotions bubble over?

Break up with your past and unravel your trauma healing journey. Kick toxicity, guilt, anger and shame to the curb so you can finally get to live the life you know you deserve while keeping the people you love in it!

Boundary issues?

You love helping people, but it's come at the expense of your own needs. You know this has been a problem as long as you can remember but you're ready to do the inner work to get the life, love and happiness you deserve.
What others are saying...
That was amazing!
I have grown so much with you and to be able to move forward with this man I could barely stand a year ago is amazing. R. said that he got more out of our session today than he has his psychologist! We will definitely be back to continue this new co-habitation journey! We are so hopeful that we can continue as friends."  Maryann

COACHING TOUCHPOINTS: Inner Child Healing, Boundaries, Self Awareness & Confidence, Conscious Communication, Logosynthesis

I can't believe it!
One session!?
I can't believe one session could take down the stress and anxiety from my birthing trauma! I had been struggling to process this for over 6 months! I am ever grateful that I can now look at my experience with joy and appreciation while also understanding where this anxiety came from in the first place. With your help I know how to move forward." Mariah

COACHING TOUCHPOINTS: Timeline Method, Integral Eye Movement Technique, Mind-Body Connection, Self Empowerment, Embodied Energy Healing

I'm Shandra. My passion is helping people beat their inner baddies so they can level up in life, love, relationships and their business. I love to help driven, soul-centered people like you regain confidence, energy and live a vibrant life.

© Shandra Artura