The #1 Must-Do to Create Powerful Manifestation Results
The truth is that without fully embodying the principles behind this powerful philosophy, you absolutely won't get what you want...or you'll call in the opposite of what you truly desire. There are not really any 'secrets' of manifestation. Anyone who is willing to do the work can attract what they want in life. So, are you ready to learn the #1 Must Do? Get's a mind blower. To truly manifest what you want in life, you have to change your belief system.

Wait, did I just hear you gasp? It's true. Your belief systems underlie everything that you bring forth into this world. By choice, omission or indecision. I imagine you're wondering if your belief system is to blame for your lack of manifesting right now? Chances is. In fact, there are many obstacles of manifesting that show up that shine a light on your internal road blocks. Here are 5 major obstacles that are pointing you to get out of your own way.

1) Losing something. You are trying to manifest financial abundance but end up losing your job instead.

2) Everyone but you. You state your mantras, practice positive thinking and affirmations but your colleague, friend or family member gets your desired outcome instead of you.

3) Your past shows up. You try to only hang around people who lift you up but you keep getting dragged back to the past from other people or situations.

4) Crickets...absolutely nothing. You made a vision board, keep a 'high vibe'...but still nothing.

5) Analysis paralysis. You keep changing your mind about what you do and don't want. Sometimes you don't even know either way.

So, what's the cure? Of course, there isn't just one thing. But there is a fine lesson in this. Lean in, darling. Get really clear about what you want. Then check your beliefs at the door. Seriously, frisk them. Ensure they align with your ideal vision of what you want. Then, and only then, will you begin to call forth all that you deserve and desire. That's when the magic happens.

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