Level Up Your Emotional Resilience
As a young child embarking on the journey of life, we all have 3 core emotional skill trees that need to be leveled up. As a mini-player one, we depend on our parents and primary caregivers to help us unlock these skills. Our caregivers proficiency is what aids us to develop the skills to meet our needs and sets the foundation for our independent character progression emotionally as we advance through the game of life. 

Successfully leveled up core emotional skill trees grant us some awesome loot to help us in the game of life. By meeting your core emotional needs, you can earn the Seers Stone (ability to recognize and name our emotions), Monk's Ring (increased emotional resilience and flexibility), and the Perception Buff (ability to tune into the emotional needs of another). 

In contrast, inadequately developed core emotional skill trees leave us susceptible to the harsher in-game experiences, attract way more baddies to deal with, lead us to maps with characters we have no defenses for and give the potential to experience debuffs that weaken our ability to understand, manage and control our own emotions and behavior.

So, what are these highly important skill trees?

The 3 core emotional skill trees are:
  1. Boundaries - The essential barriers between your character and the world around you, both in-game and in the emotional realm. These require thoughtful strategy and finesse.
  2. Safety - The assurance that the gaming environment is secure, and that you are protected within it. In early levels, primary NPCs help us establish a sense of security; later on, we must learn to self-regulate and provide our own emotional power-ups.
  3. Love - The experience of being cherished, valued, and adored, which is the essence of the bond we share with ourselves and other characters in our gaming universe.
Let's delve into your childhood gameplay to examine how your primary NPCs (parents & caregivers) supported your skill tree development. Ask your Self...
  • Were you provided with reasonable and consistent boundaries during your quests?
  • Did your primary NPCs adapt these boundaries according to your character's needs?
  • Were you able to use the "no" command and have it respected by others?
  • Did your primary NPCs encourage you to take calculated risks to maximize your potential?
  • Were you allowed to face healthy challenges and develop self-discipline?
  • Were you safeguarded from harm during your early levels?
  • Did you have a "save point" to fall back on, emotionally?
  • Were you offered physical comfort and support when needed?
  • Did your primary NPCs demonstrate emotional awareness and respond to your feelings?
  • Were your primary NPCs generally calm and composed, allowing you to feel secure and relaxed?
  • Did your primary NPCs show genuine interest in your character and enjoy accompanying you on quests?
  • Did they express love towards you?
  • Did you feel their love and affection?
  • Were you given age-appropriate hugs, cuddles, and physical touch that made you feel loved?
  • Did you feel special and important to the NPCs in your world?
The great news is that regardless of your child Self's in-game history, you can still level up these emotional skill trees by enlisting the help of a Baddie Slayer coach, like me. Stay tuned for more insights on how to do so and unlock your character's full potential.

Much love & curiosity,
Life Level Designer & Baddie Slayer 🎮


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