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The first and last thing you'll ever do is to take a breath. Conscious breath 'work' is about using intentional focus on the power and energy of the breath to enact change on a deeper level. This form of breathing (distinct from just belly breaths) is more subtle, yet has farther reaching effects on the more complex level of the mind, the body and the soul. You are literally taking what is not you (air) and making it part of you (oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange). The application of conscious breathwork is non-invasive and deeply powerful. Using specific patterns of breathing alongside embodied coaching methods will supercharge and transform your life from the inside out. Because with every breath... we heal. 

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Vanessa contacted me through FB from a mom's group where another mother I had worked with recommended she seek treatment with me. Having already been on the Dr. Phil show twice, gone through therapy and aftercare, she was still struggling with some after effects of trauma; identity and belief systems, physical symptoms, feeling out of touch with her body and dysfunctional relationship coping mechanisms.
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