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Somatic therapies emphasize helping you develop the inner resources to self-regulate pain, symptoms, emotions, or to move out of the fight/flight/freeze response and into a higher-functioning mode of clarity. Through developing awareness of the mind-body connection, you can release the tension, anger, frustration, and other emotions that remain in the body from past negative experiences. Centering, mindfulness and body awareness practices are included in the foundation of somatics.

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Listen to Vanessa's story

Vanessa contacted me through FB from a mom's group where another mother I had worked with recommended she seek treatment with me. Having already been on the Dr. Phil show twice, gone through therapy and aftercare, she was still struggling with some after effects of trauma; identity and belief systems, physical symptoms, feeling out of touch with her body and dysfunctional relationship coping mechanisms.

Somatic Therapies on tap

A collection of somatic-based healings for virtual or in person appointments.
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Somatic Craniosacral Balancing

Somatically based Craniosacral Balancing uses an integrative blend of touch and energy focus to collect information and use the body as a vehicle for regulation of mind, emotions, pain, trauma, etc. This service does not include dialogue or coaching, rather it informs us what your body is saying. If you are looking to address specific trauma, emotions, issue, please select Somatic Trauma Release or Embodied Energy Healing or a Embodied Coaching method. Excellent for PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain, trauma recovery and physical pain. You lie clothed during this deeply relaxing treatment.

Somatic Trauma Release

A fully customized trauma release session through body-centric, emotion-mind-body techniques to relieve stress and stuck emotions. A bottom up approach utilizing breathwork, somatoemotional and neuroenergetic approaches that engage the nervous system for its transformative powers to activate the vagus nerve and restore a sense of safety and healthy management of internal cues. Gentle coaching before and after the session ensures safety and connection for the most benefits of this powerful healing.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Get an advanced, customized session of the wildly popular and effective self healing therapy: Emotional Freedom Technique. We dive into the root of the problem and come out with the specific words and phrases you need for results. You'll get a custom script that we will use in session and tips on how to take home and continue for relief of troubling thoughts and emotions.


After a carefully chosen flower essence remedy, a heavenly delightful application of warmed aromatic oils are applied on specific acu-points at the feet, wrists, neck and head. Thus, bringing you back in balance for peace of mind, clarity or awaken to possibilities. A sense-ational and unique service that integrates craniosacral, energetic principles and sound therapy with all your senses; taste, sight, sound, smell and touch. Service includes self-care suggestions and/or products.
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What makes me different?

Consciously customized

A rich and cohesive blend of sensitively woven, holistic therapies geared towards you, your life challenges and your goals.

Inherent Wisdom

I believe in working with the body, not against it and using your body's own wisdom to enact change on a deeper level that lasts.

Progressive Change

I believe in leveraging the body-mind-spirt to induce natural healing, rightful intention and effortless change. Your body is the perfect avenue to help do that for you.

Shifting Attention

When our body is allowed to shift its attention away from pain or emotional overwhelm, it opens up the door to release and heal....from the inside out.
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